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Verby Drills 2 (12-15yrs)
Verby Drills 3 (15-Volwasse)
Afwerking Drills 1 (9-11yrs)
Afwerking Drills 2 (12-15yrs)
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Dribbelspore (15-Adlt)
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Beweeg bore (9-11yrs)
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The training model is detailed within the 4 interlinked moments of play, training specific behaviors in a series of exercises that induce a specific style of play . Each phase is delineated further into the physical area of the football pitch that particular topic is associated with. Use the interactive model below to link to the various training phases. Tactical Periodization. For details on this methodology refer to Tactical Periodization Theory.

Training Model V1.0

PSC Football Training Model

Following the Macro and Sub-Principles of our Game Model we build out a Periodized Training Calendar using Macro Cycles and Micro Cycles to deliver our training objectives taking into account the various phases of a teams season (i.e. Competitive, Off-Season, etc). Curriculum A syllabus or football coaching curriculum can be used to provide a framework and identify aspects of the game that are determined as essential to developing a particular style and methodology of play. The goal is not a curriculum with rigid guidelines that form a standardized model that is restricts an individual coaches creativity. The goal is to develop a communal library of training exercises and sessions that should be flexible to the unique needs of the coaching environment and football players involved. Creating an enjoyable and challenging set of activities and drills to better aid the learning process. PSC does not prescribe to promote any one method as being the correct way of coaching the game. In fact, the roots of the project are primarily based in the founding belief that there are infinite ways and coach and play football. As such, we believe in flexibility and adaptability and coaches developing their own philosophy and vision for football.